$2,000,000 NIX give away - AIRDROP

$2,000,000 NIX give away

$2,000,000 NIX
Est. value
50 USD
Ends in

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$2,000,000 NIX give away.

you can swap NIX to Bitcoin or Etherium

Link bot : https://t.me/NiFexairdrop_bot?start=r0177334634

1. Join our main Telegram group, inactive users will not receive the airdrop.
2. Submit your ETH wallet address in order to receive bonus tokens.
3. Submit your email to get project news.
3. Bot abuse will lead to a ban.
4. Do not try to exploit the referral system.
5. First 1,000 users gets $50 in NIX and $2.5 Token for each referral.
6. Referral are only paid out for active user to avoid spam and bots.
7. The airdrop will end when the ICO ends, it will be Announced.
8. Follow our group and twitter page for more information.

NIX token can be swap for other Token like btc,eth etc

Instructions $2,000,000 NIX give away

The Nifex Exchange

We are building a platform
to buy and sell Tokens.

We are building a cryptocurrency trading  platform that allow our users trade their cryptocurrency assets.

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