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Airdrop 2local (L2L)

3000 L2L
Est. value
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Airdrop 2local (L2L)

Airdrop : 2local (L2L) 

Reward: 3,000 L2L ($5) + 500 L2L per referral

Rate: Average / Good. IEO running on P2PB2B exchange

Distribution : Every Monday

Step-by-step guide:

1. Start 2Local Telegram Bot

2. Join 2Local Telegram group

3. Register on 2Local website

4. Submit L2L wallet address to the Bot

Instructions Airdrop 2local (L2L)

2local is a loyalty platform powered by its own ultra-fast blockchain that supports local-2-local and sustainability. It is tapping into banking with L2L native coins which are designed to rise in value as part of a cashback system. The goal is to achieve a sustainable world with prosperity for all.


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