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Airdrop 500 FingerSnap Tokens (FST)

500 FST
Est. value
12 USD
Ends in


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Airdrop 500 FingerSnap Tokens (FST)

Airdrop : FingerSnap Token (FST)

Reward : 500 FST (~$12) + no referral bonus

Rating : Average / Good

Website :


1. Register on FingerSnap website + Verify your email

2. Follow Twitter

3. Login + Click on ‘User Settings’

4. Add your Neblio* (NTP1 compatible) address to the ‘About me’ section (or ‘Description’ on mobile)

5. Add your Twitter Link to your profile as well

6. Receive 500 FST ~ $12

*Note: Don´t have a Neblio address? You can create one here:



Instructions Airdrop 500 FingerSnap Tokens (FST)

FingerSnap is already well-known in the Neblio Community and the name has been linked more than once. We will be shaking up the Q&A market over the next year! With the help of the Neblio Blockchain, we will gradually decentralize all our current features! We will do this with our FST token. He will take on the necessary tasks in the future!


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