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Airdrop ArmToken (TARM)

500 TARM
Est. value
10 USD
Ends in
6 day

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Required tools:

Airdrop ArmToken (TARM)

Reward : 500 TARM (~$10) + 100 TARM per referral  

Rating : Average / Good

Distribution : June 2020


Step-by-step guide:

1. Chat with the TARM Airdrop Bot

2. Complete the tasks in the Bot

3. Submit your ETH and details to complete


Instructions Airdrop ArmToken (TARM)

Do you want to support and save millions of bees? By purchasing our ARMTOKEN you can make sure that we will educate community members and sponsor beekeepers to purchase and keep hives in places, where there are not dangerous environment for the bees. 1 TARM = 0.02 USD 

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