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Airdrop BISTOX Exchange (BSX)

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50 USD
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Airdrop BISTOX Exchange (BSX)

Airdrop : BISTOX Exchange (BSX)

Reward : $50 worth of BSX

Rating : Average / Good – Only first 1,000 participants!


Step-by-step guide:

1. Signup an account at BistoxEx (use Referral Id: CF7C5DBA50 )

2. Pass KYC in your profile

3. Optionally,follow their Telegram Group and Channel

4. Only first 1,000 participants. Check their Telegram Group if it is still open!



Instructions Airdrop BISTOX Exchange (BSX)

BISTOX exchange has been launched, so our team decided to encourage community with early sign up bonus! Only first 1,000 participants


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