Airdrop BixCoin (BICS) by Bitone Trade - AIRDROP

Airdrop BixCoin (BICS) by Bitone Trade

1,200 BICS
Est. value
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Airdrop : BixCoin (BICS) by Bitone Trade

Reward : Max. 1,200 BICS ($ N/a) + 250 BICS per referral

Rating : Good

How to claim:

1.Signup at Bitone Trade Exchange (use referral ID: 98509721 )

2. Verify your mail and login to your account (+50 BICS)

3. Complete the KYC verification. (+ 200 BICS)

4. Also, invite your friends to earn 50 BICS tokens.

5. Eventually, there is a daily login bonus of 5 BICS tokens (15 days)

Note : If you’re already a member and have completed KYC, you will also receive the BICS airdrop. Check below for more reward event details.

Extra bonus : Get 250 BICS for free when you share/tweet this campaign in your Facebook/Twitter/YouTube etc., and send screenshots to our support by your login email:  [email protected] . All reward details can be checked here .



Instructions Airdrop BixCoin (BICS) by Bitone Trade

Bitone Trade Giveaway up to a total of 1,200 BICS to their community members. Sign up at Bitone trade, complete the KYC (not mandatory) and get 250 BICS. Also, invite your friends to earn 250 BCIS tokens. Event ends 20/1/2020.


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