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Airdrop Fleshy Tender One (FT1)

Est. value
20 USD
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Required tools:

Airdrop : Fleshy Tender One (FT1)

Reward: 1,000 FT1 ($20) + 200 FT1 per referral

Distribution: Planned for April 1

Rate: Good, already listed on CMC


Step-by-step guide:

1. Chat with the FT1 Airdrop Bot on Telegram

2Join their Telegram group and channel.

3. Follow Fleshy Tender one on Twitter.

4. Complete other mandatory tasks.

5. Submit ETH address and details.

Instructions Airdrop Fleshy Tender One (FT1)

The Fleshy Tender ONE(FT1) is intended as a platform as a service purposely to revolutionize the process of easing the efforts of project developers in the blockchain ecosystem.

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