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Airdrop iEos Token (IEOS)

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10 USD
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Required tools:

Airdrop : iEos Token (IEOS) 

Reward : 10 IEOS = (~$10) 

Referral : 0.5 IEOS per referral

Rating : Below Average

Step-by-step Guide:

1. Start chatting with the IEOS Telegram Bot

2. Complete the social media tasks



Instructions Airdrop iEos Token (IEOS)

What is IEOS?
-IEOS was created for IEO services. We decided to make some great help with IEO but there many different problems & factors for the ICO to be IEO, such as lack of funding & not finding the right currency to implement IEO. We decided to support IEO and that’s how IEOS created.
How IEOS works?
-With the funds we get from our sales, we can get several IEOs every month. Which means, the use of our packages a multiple time a month!
-With the exchanges we work with, we can get special discounts for every listing & it’s truly speeding up the process.

IEOS Whitepaper:

IEOS Website:


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