Airdrop Kajino (K) - round 3 (final round) - AIRDROP

Airdrop Kajino (K) – round 3 (final round)

100 MLN K
Est. value
Ends in

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Airdrop : Kajino (K) – round 3 (final round)

Reward : 100 MLN K = ($ N/a)

Referral : 20 MLN K per invite  

Rating : Below Average for now, but with potential

Note : Website will be launched in November

Airdrop Kajino (K) – round 3 (final round)

1. Join the Kajino Discord Group

2. In Discord menu, click on tab/channel “last-round-airdrops”

3. Submit your ETH wallet address + 6D2v7f

(Example: 0x665b34BB6190e2DA5A192f376B461b8D070183f6 + 6D2v7f )

4. From October 12 it will be possible to claim your airdrops from earlier rounds. I will inform you again when it opens! All airdrops will be distributed on October 22.

How do I get an invitation code? The steps to get the invitation code are in the photo step 1
step 2
Step 3: The invitation code is a link extension






Instructions Airdrop Kajino (K) – round 3 (final round)

Tokyo Casino Project (Kajino): Not much information yet, but my advise is not to miss out on this one. Their website will be online in November. The project is from Japan and number of participants is limited.

They have developed a single coin that applies to and responds to the needs of online games, depending on the actual needs of the game platform. K-token acts as a unit of money that players can purchase and participate in gambling games. Also, you can trade freely according to the set price range.


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