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Airdrop Lightspeed Chain

150 LHC
Est. value
Ends in
77 day


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Required tools:

LHC is already listed on BITFOREX EXCHANGE

Airdrop: Lightspeed Chain

Reward: 150 LHC (6$)+ 50 LHC (2$) per referral

Rating: 3.5/5 100% Legit

Distribution: Event Last for 2 weeks or to reach 10k participants.Distribution one month after listing


Step-by-step guide:

1. Join the Airdrop by this Airdrop Form

2. Complete simple tasks on Telegram,Twitter and FB

3. Submit your ETH address

4. Done


Instructions Airdrop Lightspeed Chain

Lightspeed Chain (abbreviated as LHC), Lightspeed Chain is a blockchain project based on big data communication and social, and is also a cryptocurrency project.



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