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Airdrop Nanospectral (NASP)

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Airdrop Nanospectral (NASP)

Airdrop : Nanospectral (NASP)

Reward : 12 NASP (~$20) + 4 NASP per referral    

Rating : Average / Good (1 NASP = 0.0002 BTC)


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1. Join their group on Discord: 4 NASP

2. Follow and like them on Twitter and retweet this tweet: 4 NASP

3. Follow their Facebook and share this post: 4 NASP

4. Download their wallet and create a NASP Wallet address

5. Submit details to this form. Referral:   [email protected] 


Instructions Airdrop Nanospectral (NASP)

Nanospectral wants to provide the pathway to future development of biotechnology by technology-enabled solutions that go far beyond the state-of-the-art.

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