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Airdrop PowerJ (PJB)

 1,500 PJB
Est. value
15 USD
Ends in


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Required tools:

Airdrop : PowerJ (PJB)

Reward : 1,500 PJB ($15) + 20 PJB per referral

Rating : Average

Distribution : Direct. Promotion ends 27.04.2020 

Step-by-step guide:

1. Signup for an account at the PowerJ website

2. Click the blue “Signup” button on the top

3. Signup with your name and email

4. The coins appear directly in your dashboard

5. In your dashboard, click the orange “Exchange tokens…dollars” button

6. Now click “Investing in trade” from menu

7. Click on the blue button “Investing” to start your passive income.




Instructions Airdrop PowerJ (PJB)

Our site has been working for more than six months. Over the past six months, we have done a great job.

In honor of this small anniversary, we want to give out to all our new members 1,500 PJB tokens (PowerJ Bussiness, 1 PJB token is $ 0.01). You can exchange them for US dollars and make an investment on our platform. Also, for each friend you sign, we will give you 20 PJB each.



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