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Airdrop Refind (Refind)

40 Coins
Est. value
Up to 1240 USD
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Required tools:

Airdrop : Refind (Refind)

Reward : 40 coins (~up to $1,240) 

Referral : +40 coins per referral 

Rating : Good (very interesting project)

Note: Receive 40 coins for using the referral link. Otherwise you will receive only 1 coin. Earn 2x (double) tokens until September 22. After this date the reward will be lowered to 20 coins.


Step-by-step guide:

1. Click here to signup with your email.

2. Verify your email and setup your account

3. Help growing the community by sharing your referral link.


Instructions Airdrop Refind (Refind)

Refind is little like Pinterest for (news) articles. Discover, read, and save the best stories from around the web. We’re creating a new category—relevance—to let you discover, save, and read what’s worth your attention. To make it happen, we’re giving away 1 billion coins to early users for free and we’ll buy them back later with our profits.

Refind is a community of movers and shakers who discover, save, and read what’s worth their attention. The Refind algorithms helps you handling the volume of online information and cutting through the noise.

Refind will have a buyback program. 10% of profits will be used to buyback and burn coins against market value. The buyback program runs indefinitely, until 99% of all coins are purchased and burned. At any point, you decide whether you want to sell or hold on to your coins. Current supply and demand on the exchanges will determine the price. However, we’ll add a repurchase option, allowing us to buy back coins at USD 31 per coin at any time.



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