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Airdrop SaBi Exchange

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10 USD
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15 day


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Airdrop SaBi Exchange

Reward : ~$10 in several tokens

Referral : $0.5 in tokens (max 80 referrals)   

Rating : Average / Good

Step-by-step guide:

1. Signup for an account at SaBi Exchange

2. Start the SABI Exchange Telegram Bot

3. join their Telegram Group and Channel

4. Follow their Twitter

5. Type /email to the Bot and submit your email

6. Type/uidand follow instructions

7. Type /twitterand submit Twitter handle without @

Earn $45 worth of BTC|ETH|XRP|XLM|EOS deposited to your exchange account.




Instructions Airdrop SaBi Exchange

SaBi is a digital assets exchange, providing advanced financial service to global users. SaBi offers the easy access to hundreds of tokens for the users to optimize trading strategy.

With OTC fiat trading and Exchange token trading pairs in one platform by adopting world class Huobi-Cloud technical support, SaBi is dedicated to make the digital assets investment easier and safer. We aim to empower the hardly accessible area of the world with blockchain technology in an efficient manner.

SaBi is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Abuja, Nigeria. It launched on 10 March 2019. It is one of the few exchanges coming from Nigeria and the the people in charge have more than 6 years of experience workgin with Huobi and Huobi Cloud. Check here for a thorough review.


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