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Airdrop Starpoint Voting (SRK)

5,000 SRK
Est. value
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Airdrop : Starpoint Voting Airdrop (SRK) – ends October 3 

Reward : 5,000 SRK = (<~$1) 

Referral : 100 SRK per referral

Rating : Average / Good, listed on CMC

1. Start chatting with the SRK Telegram Bot

2. Complete the captcha and ‘vote for SRK’ in the Bot

3. Make a screenshot of your vote and submit it to the Bot

4. Follow their Twitter and their CEO’s Twitter

5. Submit your @twitter and your SRK ETH address (download their Android Wallet)





Instructions Airdrop Starpoint Voting (SRK)

All participates will receive 5000 SRK for complete tasks, and every successful referral will receive more 100 SRK token.

Show your support to Sparkpoint and earn some SRK tokens for this. SRK is listed on bitmart, p2pb2b and hotbit . All you have to do is just show your support through voting and help them for listing. It’s a great opportunity to earn a CMC listed currency for just simple tasks.


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