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Airdrop Tezos Airdrop (XTZ) by Coinbase earn

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Airdrop : Tezos Airdrop (XTZ) by Coinbase earn

Reward : $6 in XTZ (up to $130 if you’re a new signup)

Rating : Good / Excellent

Website : and


1. Login to your Coinbase account or signup here if you are new.

2. (in case of signup: confirm your email and login to the dashboard).

3. Once you’re logged in to the dashboard, find the ‘Earn Crypto’ button (you should be logged in automatically. Can’t find the button, click here.)

4. Watch the training videos for Tezos. Click on “VIEW”, next click on “WATCH” and  “JOIN THE LIST”. Repeat this for all available projects (earn up to $130 if you’re new).

5. Sometimes you can join the quizes immediately, but it might be possible that Coinbase puts you on the waiting list first. Don’t worry, within ~10 days you’ll receive an email with an invitation to claim the tokens.

For the Tezos Airdrop, the answers to the quiz-questions are:

1. Formal verification

2. A decent computer

3. The formal governance process

6. You can also share your Coinbase referral link. Through this link you and your referral both will receive an extra $10 upon any purchase or sale of $100 or more in crypto by your referral.


Instructions Airdrop Tezos Airdrop (XTZ) by Coinbase earn

CoinBase Earn is a program where you watch a few short educational videos, answer one question, and immediately earn tokens from some of the MOST POPULAR projects you can sell right away!

The only catch is, there is a wait. We registered about 10 days ago and just received the invitation to earn these tokens yesterday. We recommend signing up and getting on the list as soon as possible! Signup quickly and earn easy money!


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