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Airdrop Upbit Exchange (ICX)

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Upbit uses UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) to calculate data daily. The majority of global exchanges use UTC time, which makes it easy to compare global prices. Change(%) The change rate of the close price on the day(or current price) compared with the price at 0:00 UTC. Volume Cumulative Volume for the last 24 hours.Daily Candle Chart Open/High/Low/Close price during the UTC time from  to 24 hours (or current time). UPbit exchange is already listed on Coinmarketcap.


Instructions Airdrop Upbit Exchange (ICX)

Sign up at Upbit Exchange.


Verify your email, login to dashboard and go to “Settings“.

Choose security and complete your KYC verification. (mandatory)

Invite friends to earn 50 ICX tokens for each referral.


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