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Airdrop Xanpool (XLP)

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10 USD
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Airdrop : Xanpool (XLP)

Reward 1 : $2,888 total giveaway (draw) + affiliate bonus

Reward 2 : +100 XLP ($5) + 10 XLP for every like on Twitter and FB

Rating : Good


Step-by-step guide:

1. Signup for an account at Xanpool

2. Click on ‘rewards’ on the top-menu

3. Connect your Twitter and FB (and like posts)

4. Join their Telegram Group

5. Click here for all details about the draw

Video tutorial :





Instructions Airdrop Xanpool (XLP)

XanPool’s HUGE Chinese New Year 2020 Giveaway. XanPool would like to thank all our users for their continuous support over the last year! To celebrate, we are giving away $1888 USD in USDt and BTC. The reward goes up to $2888 if their Telegram Group reaches 1,888 members. The draw will end on February 3.



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