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Airdrop YoDollar by

700 YODA
Est. value
30 USD
Ends in
65 day


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Airdrop YoDollar by

Airdrop : YoDollar by

Reward : 700 YODA (~$30) + 400 YODA per referral

Rating : Good


How to Join:

1. Start the Airdrop Telegram Bot (JOIN THE AIRDROP)

2. Click “Get 700 YoDollars” and join Yobit’s Telegram group

3. Register on Crypto Talk

4. Using the code provided you will need to make a positive comment on Yobit Crypto Talk

5. You will get 700 YoDollars tokens and you can earn an additional 400 YoDollars for every successful referral




Instructions Airdrop YoDollar by

YoDollar is an official token of Yobit Telegram bot. Using this bot you can directly in Telegram sell and buy cryptocurrency, exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money. YODA token used for paying commissions fees for trading so having YoDollar allows you to change money with no commission!



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