Airdrop 6000 WPC Wepick (WPC) - AIRDROP Airdrop 6000 WPC Wepick (WPC)

6000 WPC
Est. value
Ends in

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Required tools: Airdrop 6000 WPC Wepick (WPC)

6000 WPC ~ $6.0 rewards
Referral: $?
AirdropLink: CLICK HERE

🛠 Tasks
🔹Open BattleBit Website
🔹Register and Verify your Email
🔹You will get up to 6000 WPC Signup bonus
🔹1 person = 1 account, don’t make multi account or you will block
🔹Join telegram group WPC English chat








Instructions Airdrop 6000 WPC Wepick (WPC)

WEPICK is a blockchain-based gambling game platform that aims to build a community that gamers can enjoy together.


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