BAVALA Airdrop (BVA) - Free 20 BVA Tokens - AIRDROP

BAVALA Airdrop (BVA) – Free 20 BVA Tokens

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BAVALA Airdrop (BVA) – Free 20 BVA Tokens

Free 20 BVA (~$10)

+4 BVA per referral

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Mandatory tasks (15 BVA):

1. Signup for an account at Bavala (verify your phone number)

2. Join their Telegram Group

3. Follow them on Twitter and retweet the pinned Tweet


Optional tasks (5 BVA):

4. Follow our Medium (1.5 BVA)

5. Follow our Facebook  page. (1.5 BVA)

6. Join our Advertiser’s Telegram (1 BVA)

7. Follow our advertiser’s Twitter and retweet Airdrop post(1 BVA)







Instructions BAVALA Airdrop (BVA) – Free 20 BVA Tokens

Bavala is an asset-backed instant swap exchange that allows anyone with access to the internet to swap between cryptocurrencies, stake for quarterly dividend, and purchase physical gold. Bavala shares all proceeds with stakers of the BVA token.

BVA and BGT token:

BVA is our dividend backed token. By purchasing BVA, you are directly purchasing a stake on itself. All proceeds on is channelled to a dividend pot, claimable by BVA holders 4x a year.

BGT is our physical gold-backed token. 1 BGT = 0.1g London Bullion Market Association certified gold. Physical gold is stored in our partner vaults in Singapore, Zug (Switzerland), and Hong Kong. Audits on our gold reserve is done 4x year, and published on Visit website.



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