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Bincentive Airdrop Program is now Live!

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Bincentive’s Onsite Airdrop Program is now Live!

Bincentive is a smart follow-trade marketplace matchmaking investment service that creates profit sharing and transparency for all. Using blockchain and smart contract technology, trading experts can safely and conveniently present their trading strategies, allowing investment customers to simply choose the trading services that best fit their needs.



Instructions Bincentive Airdrop Program is now Live!

Step-by-Step Guide Airdrop

Complete registration with phone & email verifications. Collect 500 BCNT!

Link :

500 BCNT would allow you to select your first strategy. Complete strategy subscription and receive another 200 BCNT!

Complete registration to unveil your unique referral code

Refer your friends using your referral code and receive 100 BCNT per completed registration

Receive another 300 BCNT when a referral completes strategy subscription

Join, like, or subscribe to any of our communities ( TelegramReddit,FacebookTwitterLine )

Submit your ID info or screenshots with your usernames in view and receive 40 BCNT each!

Link form :

*BCNT rewards will be given out at 12:00 (UTC +8) the following day. Rewards will be sent to your built-in Bincentive wallet. Make sure you have a Bincentive account using the phone number / email you filled in.
**All airdrop participations under this account are tied to your phone number. No duplicates are allowed.





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