BXC Airdrop round 2 - AIRDROP

BXC Airdrop round 2

10 BXC
Est. value
Ends in
16 day


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BXC Airdrop round 2

Hello community,

BtcEX excited to announce that BXC Airdrop round 2:

1.Sign up at BtcEX

2.Submit KYC document verification platform reward 10 BXC ($ 4.5 value)

3.Share BtcEX account referral link to the new sign up user, when new sign up and finished KYC, platform reward 5 BXC tokens (unlimited referral)

4.Follow BtcEX Twitter & like Facebook page and join Telegram group

5.Share BtcEX this post to your Facebook & Twitter

Video KYC : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rl_S4uFXrg

Instructions BXC Airdrop round 2

BtcEX platform is a centralized exchanges that fit to our Business model (trading fee) that our match engine capable of one million transactions per second. Almost 99% of cryptocurrency trade still happens on centralized exchanges which compare to decentralized exchanges like Bisq, Etherdelta, IDEX, Waves, Openledger, Bancor Protocol, 0x Protocol.


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