Thunder Token Mining Airdrop - AIRDROP

Thunder Token Mining Airdrop

Est. value
100 USD
Ends in
6 day



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Thunder Token Mining Airdrop

Download the ThunderCore Hub app through the referral link
● Click Claim every day to earn 5 Free Tokens
● Go to the Home tab and then the Mining tab to start mining
● Fill in the Invite Code on the Bind a Referrer —> ZKPXVE
● Earn a% of the mining of all references + 30 TT
● Holde coins to earn extra rewards
● TT token is already listed on Coinmarketcap
● Minimum withdrawal 1000TT
Required tools
● App
● Facebook

Gold rush is coming ⚒ ~ Let’s make profit at home and ready for the COVID-19 prevention TT Mining Festival: ThunderCore – PaLa R1 upgraded!

Both TT and USDT holdings are acceptable. Refer your friends to enjoy 30% referral rewards from friends holdings rewards now!

Enter the referral code, bind the referrer, and work with me as a miner to get 1% more TT holdings reward.

A sustainable income, TT Mining Festival, your first choice during the epidemic period.




Instructions Thunder Token Mining Airdrop

Accompanying the release of the recent ThunderCore Hub update, yesterday we talked about What is a Crypto Wallet. Today let’s continue the conversation and explore the common features found in a crypto wallet and browser.


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