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Ventmode Airdrop (Round 1)

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Required tools:

Airdrop : VentMode (VENT)

Reward : Upto 150 VENT = ~$7.5 (1VENT = $0.05) 

Referral : 20 VENT per referral

Rating : Average/Good, listing confirmed on CITEX Exchange

Difficulty : Easy


Step-by-step guide:

Tasks 5-8 are optional

1. Open this Airdrop form and complete the following tasks:

2. Join their Official Telegram Channel (+20 VENT)

3. Follow them on Twitter, retweet their Airdrop Tweet and tag 3 friends (+30 VENT)

4. Like them on Facebook (+40 VENT)

– Join task 5, 6 or 7 only if you speak one of these languages –

5. Join their Chinese Telegram channel (+20 VENT)

6.  Join their Japanese Telegram channel (+20 VENT)

7.  Join their Korean Telegram channel (+20 VENT)

8. Join their Angel Activity Community Campaign for a chance to earn more tokens.

9. Submit all your details to the form in step 1.








Instructions Ventmode Airdrop (Round 1)

We built an ecosystem that will be able to connect communities with the right audience and help startups become fully functional. Our platform (VentMode) builts and provides all the necessary tools needed to equip startups to enable them attracts investors and reaching exceptional success. Visit website and checkout on their IEO and private sale opportunities.


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