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Voting Airdrop Bazooka Project (BAZ)

60000 BAZ
Est. value
30 USD
Ends in

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Required tools:

Voting Airdrop : Bazooka Project (BAZ)

Reward : 50,000 $BAZ for 2000 voters + 5 $BAZ per referral

Rating : Average / Good



1. Open the Bazooka Voting Google form.

2. Complete ALL the tasks in the form.

3. Submit your details and send the form.


Note : Make sure you have 3 retweets/comments + screen prints and followed @QB_Exchange @baztoken otherwise you will not receive your tokens.



Instructions Voting Airdrop Bazooka Project (BAZ)

COINDEAL, QB EXCHANGE AND BITPANDA MEGA VOTING Events, the 3 exchanges are organizing a voting event. Bazooka Project wants to list on these 3 Big and promising exchanges . Here is a Big instant Airdrop campaign for the voting. 

We will give 50,000 $BAZ to first 2000 supporters after winning listing on COINDEAL, QB AND BITPANDA. You MUST vote under the 3 tweets before you can be considered and failure to follow the rules is automatic Disqualification


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